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Limited edition prints to 500 are available of "Albino MIst"
Prints are available of "First Light"
Limited edition prints of "Turtle Island" are available to 1000
Prints of "Woodlands Mother and Fawn" are available
© David Carrigan
© David Carrigan
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Limited edition prints to 500 are available of "Flying Across the Grand"
© David Carrigan
© David Carrigan
Fantasy Cottage by artist David Carrigan
© David Carrigan
Prints are available for "Moon Maiden"
© David Carrigan
Prints are available of "Maria"
© David Carrigan
© David Carrigan
© David Carrigan
© David Carrigan
"Albino Mist" by artist David Carrigan
"First Light" by artist David Carrigan
"Turtle Island" by artist David Carrigan
"Fantasy Cottage" by artist David Carrigan
"Maria" by artist David Carrigan
"Turtle in Outer Space" by artist David Carrigan
"Woodland Mother and Fawn" by artist David Carrigan
"Moon Maiden" by artist David Carrigan

"Flying Across the Grand" by artist David Carrigan
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David “Bodie” Carrigan is an artist whose creations are inspired by a wide range of subject matter, including Native American themes, wildlife and fantasy. No matter the genre, his work is filled with a feeling for the subject and an eye for detail, which lends it an air of realism. With a lifetime of study and personal experience behind him, David strives to use his art to entertain, inform, and to convey the sense of the mystery that he feels for this wonderful planet which we all share....
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Albino Mist
Limited edition 11x22

Flying Across the Grand
Limited edition 17x23 

Limited edition 16x20

Turtle Island
Limited edition 13x15 

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